Review: Reference 3A Episode BE Loudspeakers

Published @ The High Fidelity Report. Sept 8th, 2104. My time with the Episode BE Loudspeakers from Canada’s Reference 3A was thoroughly refreshing. I hope I have documented the experience well in this article. Many thanks to Joey Weiss at THFR and to Tash Goka at Reference 3A for supporting the project. Enjoy.

Nagra Jazz preamplifier

Review Published @ Nagra’s Jazz preamplifier is among the finest valve preamplifier’s I’ve heard. Beautifully constructed and sonically wonderful, it is a first rate Hi-Fi component.

Allnic H-1201 Phono Amplifier

published @ Enjoy The Allnic make wonderful valve-based Hi-Fi products and it was a pleasure to spend some time with two of their phono amplifiers. I’ve been told this is my finest bit of Hi-Fi writing.

Nagra VPS Phono Preamplifier

Nagra VPS Phono Preamp

published @ The High Fidelity Report. I am a big fan of Nagra professional products and the VPS was my first taste of their Hi-Fi gear, beginning what was a great year in vinyl Hi-Fi.

Wilco’s The Whole Love Album commentary

Wilco, David McCallum

First published @ and now The High Fidelity Report. An interview with the great Bob Ludwig serves as a foundation for this article on Wilco’s 2012 release The Whole Love. Bob offered great insight into his work with the band while I share my thoughts on the seminal One Sunday Morning (Song For Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend)

Bryston BDA2/BDP2 Digital Converter and Player

First published @ and now The High Fidelity Report. This is more of an update than a stand-alone review, I look closely at Bryston’s updated BDA2 DAC and BDP2 Digital Player. Both units are mainstays of my Hi-Fi system.