AS-Main-Logo  Acoustic Sounds – A longstanding vinyl retailer originally selling records via mail order. Located in Salina KS, AS is a great place to buy music and excellent Hi-Fi gear.

Audio_Basics_LogoAudio Basics – Canada’s Audio Basics is also a mail order website selling new vinyl. Benjamin is a mainstay in the Canadian Hi-End audio scene and does a good job with Audio Basics.

BETTER_RECORDSBetter Records – I’ve never ordered from BR but have heard good things about their collection. Specializing in good sounding vinyl labeled Hot Stampers, Better Records has a good reputation with the music they sell.

dgi_menu_logo   Diamond Groove – Another Canadian company committed to online vinyl sales. Affiliated with Alternative Audio located in Dundas, Ontario.

ed_logo2014   Elusive Disc – A U.S. retailer with a great catalogue of vinyl records and audio equipment.

musicdirect_logo  Music Direct – Located in Chicago, IL, Music Direct is another long-time player in online music and equipment sales. Searching the website you’ll find a large collection of equipment and vinyl for sale online. Offers good discounts and sales on demo items.

needledoctor  Needle Doctor -I’ve never ordered from Jerry Raskin’s Needle Doctor, but I love searching their database. An excellent collection of equipment and music for sale.



hdtracks – I’ve purchased hundreds of albums from HDTracks. Their commitment to high quality and high resolution audio production and distribution is second to none. A must retailer for any digital audio enthusiast.



Linn Records

Native DSD

Super HiRez

The above websites have been helpful in my own pursuit of great audio playback. None are paid advertisers nor affiliated with My Hi-Fi Life.