My writing friends in Hi-Fi:



Inner Ear Magazine

Ernie Fisher’s The Inner Ear. Contributing to Canadian Hi-Fi for almost 30 years. Ernie is my Hi-Fi mentor and gave me my start in Hi-End Audio.


The High Fidelity Report

Chris Sommovigo, Joseph Weiss, Harry Pearson  started THFR in 2014. A great site for commentary on music and special Hi-Fi equipment. A site committed to great audio. I’m excited to be one of their contributors.


Enjoy The Music

Steve Rochlin’s Enjoy The Music is a mecca of audio info. I’ve written a single article on a wonder Allnic H-1201 phono amplifier.


My Equipment Friends in Hi-Fi:

Clef Hammertone Audio

Dave Beetles and Hammertone Audio are the Global distributor of Allnic Audio – an exceptional South Korean manufacturer of exquisite audio electronics. Hammertone are also a retailer of incredible vintage analogue gear and fine tonearms. The Hammertone website is always full of jewels of both the vintage and new variety. Mr. Beetles is a gentleman of the highest order.


Tri-Cell Enterprises

Vince and Arthur are one of Canada’s premier importer and distributor of fine audio equipment. Their brands include Brinkmann, Graham Engineering, Benz-Micro, Dynavector, Reed, Clearaudio. Honest, hard working and committed to great audio, Tri-Cell Enterprises have been at the top of audio distribution in Canada for a few decades. They also run a great series of rooms at the TAVES Hi-Fi event in Toronto.